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Planning a wedding involves myriad decisions, and choosing the right videographer is undeniably one of the most pivotal. As you embark on this journey, let me share why I stand out among wedding videographers, bringing a unique blend of experience, commitment, and innovation to capture your special day like no other.

1. 300 plus Weddings:

Experience is not just a number; it’s a testament to a videographer’s ability to navigate the intricate tapestry of wedding celebrations. With over 300 weddings personally filmed, I bring a wealth of experience, ensuring that your unique story is in the hands of a seasoned professional.

2. The Personal Touch:

Your wedding day deserves a videographer who invests in your narrative, not just a random face from an agency-style supplier. When you choose me, you are guaranteed the personal touch—I am the actual videographer capturing every fleeting moment of your day with passion and precision.

3. 4K Brilliance:

In a world where technology evolves rapidly, future-proofing your memories is essential. I shoot all videos in 4K, offering four times the resolution of HD. This not only ensures the longevity of your memories but also delivers cinematic footage that captures the essence of your day in exquisite detail.

4. Soaring to New Heights:

Elevate your wedding video with breathtaking aerial shots captured by a 4K drone. These cinematic openings add a unique and visually stunning dimension to your wedding film, setting the stage for the magic that unfolds throughout the day.

5. Comprehensive Coverage, No Compromises:

Your wedding day is a tapestry of moments, and I capture them all. With four cameras strategically covering your ceremony, no detail goes unnoticed. This meticulous approach sets the stage for a cinematic edit that will let us capture the magic of your day.

6. Get it all:

Unlike some videographers who withhold raw footage, We don’t. Raw Footage is available on a BYO HDD (Bring Your Own) Depending on your chosen package and coverage you’ll get all footage filmed on the day, including the full ceremony and speeches, free of charge. We have no travel fees for weddings within 120 km of Brisbane, and your package time starts when I arrive. Wedding outside the 120km band may need to cover extras like additional fuel and accommodation if necessary. 

7. Dedication to Excellence:

Every wedding is a masterpiece, and I treat it as such. I dedicate up to two weeks to meticulously labour over your edit, ensuring that each shot is colour-graded to perfection. Your wedding video is not just a documentation—it’s a work of art.

8. Stability in Uncertain Times:

Having weathered the storms of financial crises and a pandemic, I offer you stability and reliability. Your deposit is safe with me, providing you with peace of mind during the planning process.

9. A Photographer’s Eye:

If you have booked me as your videographer and another company for photography and in the unforeseen event that your photographer cannot make it and does not show up, I can step in and provide an emergency service. As an accomplished photographer, I wear both hats with finesse, ensuring that every moment is beautifully captured.

10. Cost-Effective Brilliance:

My commitment to shooting in 4K brings you a unique advantage. Stunning photos can be extracted directly from the video, offering you the benefits of both photography and videography at the cost of one service—a cost-effective solution for the savvy couple.

In choosing me as your wedding videographer, you’re not just hiring a professional; you’re securing a partner dedicated to turning your moments into timeless memories. Let’s embark on this journey together, and let your wedding story unfold in cinematic brilliance.

Scott Thomas 

Owner/Primary Shooter

Brisbane Wedding Photographer

Frequently Asked Questions

Our approach is centered around avoiding posed setups. We entrust formal arrangements to the photographer, focusing on candidly documenting the natural flow of your day.

The commencement and conclusion times are determined by your chosen coverage, the schedule of your day, location distances, and the number of videographers present. We collaborate with you to finalize the precise timetable beforehand.

I am the primary shooter. For larger shoots I may also enlist the help of other videographers.

Standard packages comprise high-definition MP4 files on a personalized USB. Supplementary options such as DVDs or Blu-rays can be included if desired.

Raw Footage is supplied on a BYO HDD (Bring Your Own)

The length of the comprehensive documentary is influenced by the coverage you select, the duration of events like the ceremony and speeches, and your package choice. Highlights films have varying runtimes as explained in our package details. Options are available for long form edits that can run up to 45mins

Generally, couples opt for our standard packages, occasionally adding extra features. However, customization is available upon request. This allows us to tailor a package to your specific needs.


For highlight films, we source music from reputable online portals to ensure quality and uniqueness. This also facilitates online sharing and avoids copyright restrictions. Prior to editing, we seek your approval for the music selection.

Certainly, we’re open to traveling domestically and internationally to capture your wedding. Additional charges may apply to cover travel and accommodation expenses.

Travel is complimentary if locations are within an hour’s drive from Brisbane CBD. Beyond these distances, travel costs are transparently outlined as part of your overall package cost. Accommodation charges might be relevant for extensive distances.

Typically, we rely on natural light due to the quality of our professional equipment and experience. Minimal supplementary lighting is used during receptions and night-time scenes to balance image quality and guest comfort.

When a substantial portion of the reception is being filmed, we appreciate being offered a meal.

To secure your reservation, we require a one third deposit, $500 of this deposit is a non-refundable $500 retainer. A second third is due one week prior to the wedding and the remaining third is due after the ceremony once the editing has been completed. Final payment is required before the release of your video.

Editing times vary, but in general, the process can take a few weeks. During peak wedding season, when multiple bookings are handled, the timeframe might extend to 2-4 months based on your chosen package. An expedited edit service is also available for a fee.

With extensive experience and a commitment to excellence, we continually evolve our approach. Our work mirrors our level of expertise, quality is paramount. Viewing our portfolio showcases the distinctive artistry we bring to every project.

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